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Nylon Tubes

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Nylon Tubing
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Nylon tube

Nylon Tubing is recognized as an industry standard for applications which require higher working pressures and higher heat
and/or chemical resistance than our polyurethane tubing. Nylon 12 is strong, lightweight and has a very low moisture absorption rate compared to other nylons.
By not absorbing moisture, Nylon 12 will remain more flexible, which in turn extends it’s service life.


  • Low moisture absortption, has good chemical resistance, a high tensile strength and exellent coupling retention in high pressure, temperature and vibration environments
  • Variety of colors for your choosen.
  • Self-retracting and self-storing coil tube characteristics with excellent memory.
  • Electrical resistance, can act as insulator in some conditions
  • Hardness: shore D 70
  • Working pressure range: -14~218 PSI, -0.99~15 bar
  • Negative Pressure: -29.5 in Hg(-14psi),    -750mm Hg(-750 Torr)
  • Working Temperature Range: 5~194°F(Air)   -15~90°C(Air)
  • Applications: pneumatic controls, transfer of fluids and liquids under pressure: fuel and lubricants, used for automatic functions on all type of machines,  etc.


Metric Air Tubes    Available Colors: Blue,Black,White,Red,Orange,Yellow,Green etc.
 Item Code Outside Diameter(mm) Inside Diameter(mm)       Packing
NY-0420 4mm 2mm 200Meters/Roll
NY-0425 4mm 2.5mm 200Meters/Roll
NY-0640 6mm 4mm 200Meters/Roll
NY-0860 8mm 6mm 100Meters/Roll
NY-1075 10mm 6.5mm 100Meters/Roll
NY-1080 10mm 8mm 100Meters/Roll
NY-1210 12mm 8mm 100Meters/Roll
NY-1209 12mm 9mm 100Meters/Roll
NY-1411 14mm 11mm 50Meters/Roll
NY-1512 15mm 12mm 50Meters/Roll
NY-1612 16mm 12mm 50Meters/Roll
NY-1815 18mm 15mm 50Meters/Roll

Inch Nylon Tubes   Available Colors: Blue,Black,Clear,Red,Orange,Yellow,Green etc.
 Item Code Outside Diameter(mm) Inside Diameter(Inch)       Packing
NY 5/32" 3.97mm 2.5mm 200Meters/Roll
NY 1/4" 6.35mm 4.23mm 100Meters/Roll
NY 5/16" 7.94mm 5mm 100Meters/Roll
NY 3/8" 9.52mm 6.35mm 100Meters/Roll
NY 1/2" 12.7mm 8.46mm 100Meters/Roll
NY 5/8" 15.9mm 12mm 50Meters/Roll
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